I am definitely going to publish. I think

[Originally published 17 January 2013]

I had a long chat on the phone this morning with my friend Andy, who has read my revised draft of King’s Ransom. Andy and I met through our shared devotion to Leicester City, and we’ve known one another for about 16 years. His comments were really helpful – both constructive and instructive, as I might have expected. Aside from some literal errors, he pointed to a number of plot inconsistencies that occurred to him as he was reading the draft and – which I found interesting – some language uses that he said were out of character. He also offered a few insights into culture and environments in Asia that will also be helpful.

But he was very encouraging and said I should definitely go ahead – if only for my own satisfaction. Before I do that, however, I am going to get someone else to read it, once I’ve incorporated Andy’s ideas. My brother-in-law Peter probably doesn’t like this kind of book, but he will be wonderfully pedantic about spotting anything that’s not quite right. Just the man for me.

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