King’s Ransom turns up

Back Up CD Photo

[Originally published 27 August 2012]

A few months ago, I mentioned that my son had suggested I try resurrecting a long-lost and unpublished novel called King’s Ransom that I wrote back in the mid-1990s. I wasn’t terribly interested, not least because the digital file of the book had disappeared in one of my many computer updates over the years.

This morning, I was having a bit of a tidy-up in my office and I came across a package of four or five CDs, including three with back-ups of old files, some dating back to 1999. And on one of them are bits of fictional work that I wrote, most of which I had forgotten about, including various drafts of King’s Ransom.

It was written using WordPerfect (version 5.0 I think) and although I have a more recent version of WordPerfect, I couldn’t open the file. However, I spent an hour or so playing around with the document and eventually managed to open it as an .rft file, which I converted to Word. Amazing. I might even have a go at revising it, if I can find the time.

At the moment, though, I have the day job to do, as well as the garden to maintain. Watch this space?

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