My Latest Interview

I was recently interviewed by Susan Barton (eBook Review Gal) and wanted to share a portion here. You can view the complete interview on Susan’s website.
King's Ransom Book Cover

Tell me about your book:

King’s Ransom was self-published on Amazon Kindle on 14 April 2013. It’s an action/adventure novel – holiday reading, if you like. As my sister-in-law said, “It’s not literature”. Comments from early readers have all been very positive.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I’ve always written stuff, even as a kid. I was fascinated by books, by words, and by the way in which words could be used to re-create emotions and communicate feelings. I wrote a lot at school – my specialisms were history, geography and English – and I went to University to read History. However, I only lasted a year before I was thrown out. I was a 19yo with the emotional maturity of a 13yo, and I spent too much time drinking and having fun. Fortunately for me, the only job I could find was as a publicity assistant with an engineering company. That is when I started to write professionally, and I have been writing marketing communications ever since.

How long did it take you to write King’s Ransom?

It’s a bit complicated. I wrote the original draft in the early 1990s (I think 1994) after reading a really awful paperback on holiday: badly written, badly plotted, just dreadful. And I thought I had to be able to do better than that: I guess that’s the curse of the professional copywriter. So I had a go: I wrote a plot outline while I was on holiday, and when we got back home I wrote the original draft of King’s Ransom in my spare time. I seem to recall it took about two or three months. I revised it a few times over the following year, but after getting a load of rejection slips from publishers and agents, the book went into the bottom drawer until the middle of 2012. In May of that year, my son (who had read the original when he was at medical school) sent me a link to the Kindle self-publishing guide and suggested I have a go at revising/updating and publishing it. Cut a long story short, that’s what I did.

What was your favorite part of the book to write? Why?

There’s a Prologue, which I think is quite exciting and intriguing, and a Postscript, which I really like – it still makes me smile when I read it. And there’s also a love story, and I enjoyed developing that, because it seemed to take on a natural life of its own. A friend who read one of the drafts said that one love scene made him cry, which is very satisfying.



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