All about John Martyn Wilson

My name is Martyn Wilson. I’m English by birth, but I have lived in France since 2004. I’ve been married to Kate since 1971, and we have a son, Matt, and a daughter, Hannah, both living in the UK. Matt is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and he’s married to Sam. who is a partner in a GP practice. They have two wonderful children, our grandsons Henry and Charlie. Hannah is single, and is Operations Director at a digital consultancy in London.

I’ve been involved in marketing communications all of my working life, and since 2002 I have been a freelance copywriter. In my time I have written just about every kind of material from advertisements to brochures to company histories, and – more recently – blogs, websites and online training courses. I’ve worked every size of company from SMEs to multinationals, and in almost 200 different business sectors and product groups.

This blog started life as a series of intermittent posts on my other  blog, in which I ramble on about marketing, the English language, French country living, Leicester City Football Club, politics, religion and anything else that occurs to me. As you will see if you read through the  first few posts, what started off as “I really don’t think so”, became “I’ll think about it”, and then “OK, I’ll give it a try”, before ending up as “There, I’ve done it” when I finally published my debut novel, King’s Ransom.

It was around that time that I decided to start this new blog, which is just about my fiction writing and, to begin with, about how King’s Ransom came about.

I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts.

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