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Reflections on a week of book promotion

[Originally published 16 April 2013]

Well, I am a week into promoting King’s Ransom. I’ve sent the link to everyone on my various mailing lists, and I already have a couple of friendly reviews. However, it’s now very clear to me that I should have put a lot more thought into the promotion planning before I published. Stupid really, because I keep telling clients that before a product is launched you need to have a clear idea of how you are going to promote it. It’s ridiculous to devote all of the available resources to production without thinking about the product marketing. Meet Mr Stupid.

Fortunately, it’s not too late. One of the key things is to get an author’s blog started, and I am going to copy all of these blogs from my copywriting website to a dedicated author’s blog. I’m also going to set up various other avenues, which I will talk about at more length in the weeks and months to come.

For all that, I am really pleased with the first week. Early days, of course, but I am getting there.


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We have lift-off – at last

[Originally posted 17 April 2013]

The past few days have been really stressful. I’ve had all of the elements in place ready to publish King’s Ransom for about a week now, but I had some problems using the Kindle online publishing system. Some of the issues were my own fault, I think, but others were because the online instructions missed out whole chunks of what was needed.

However, one of the great things about the internet is that it is all out there if you look and ask. I have “met” some really helpful people who’ve given me lots of free advice, including several on a couple of LinkedIn groups that I joined. If you are not a member of LinkedIn, I recommend that you join. I also chatted to a talented and helpful lady called Jo Harrison, who also lives in France and is a virtual assistant. I just wish I had met her earlier, because she could have taken on the whole job.

Soooo, on Sunday morning, I got everything lined up, and pressed the “save and publish” button on the Kindle publishing site. I had to wait about 12 hours until it was actually “live” and as soon as I saw the published book I realised I had made a mistake. Jo Harrison’s advice is not to use too many different type sizes, and I had done just that. Bugger! So I deleted (“unpublished”) the book, corrected it, and once again pressed the “save and publish” button.

Yesterday morning, after another 12-hour wait, I spotted another small formatting problem. It wasn’t a major issue, but having got this far I wanted it to be right, so I hit the delete button again, and went through the publishing process again. And this morning, there she is: King’s Ransom, my very own debut novel. I am ridiculously proud of myself!

I’ve been planning my promotion of the book for the past few weeks, and that’s my next task. Once I’ve got things moving, I will write a blog on the publishing process. Again, watch this space.

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